Weekly Announcements – Sept 18

  1. Monday Sept 18th training – DRESS UPDATE Phase 1-4 Civilian Attire, Phase 5 STU, Staff NCD’s, ALL CHIEFS ARE REQUESTED TO ATTEND A O GROUP AT 1820 
  2. Wed Sept 20th – Marksmanship & Biathlon Program 1800-2100 (6-9pm) – Open to all, Phase 1-5 Civilian Attire
  3. Sat Sept 23 – Duke of Ed CANCELLED, First Aid CANCELLED, Marksmanship & Biathlon Program TIME CHANGE 0800-1100 (8-11 am) – Open to all, Phase 1-5 Civilian Attire
  4. Sun Sept 24- Band Program  – 1230 – 1430 or as per Band O direction, Open to all,
  5. All cadets are to ensure they sign up for the Area Directed Fitness Day in Borden on Sunday Oct 15th as soon as possible as we need to submit numbers to the organizers
  6. All cadets available and willing to help out with our Tagging on Thur Sep 28th, Fri Sep 29th, Sat Sep 30th, Sun Oct 1 should sign up  to night.
  7. Band cadets that do not have instruments need to complete a stores request form and submit to CI Peixoto so we can make arrangements for an instrument for you