Tall Ship Sailing Level one May 20-21 day activity only


This is a day activity as we will be returning each night to Brampton.
Arrive at the armoury on 12 Chaple St Brampton:
Saturday: Arrive 0620, depart 0640, arrive at Brampton approximately 1700 (5pm)
Sunday: Arrive 0620, depart 0640, arrive at Brampton approximately 1800 (6pm)

** please monitor our web site after 12 noon each day for travel time updates**

the following Cadets are participating:

Gatto Holly
Sharma Shiv
Ratheeswaran Ashwin
Gouder Aanya
Sandhu Karanvir
Beghin John-Michael
Nickelchok Jeremy
Ward Eden
Johnson Daniel
Magno Aleksandra
Sharma Aarwin
Brown Caitlynn
Puene Johny
Cheema Kiera
Glino Anthony

Kit List – Dryland and Sail Training Days
1. Dryland Training and Sail Training Days will be conducted in an outdoor on‐water
nautical environment.
2. Cadet dress is Sea Training Uniform (STU) C5, per notes as follows:
a. Cadets are to wear Corps ball cap.
b. Cadets are to wear running shoes or sneakers with flat sole and closed toe.
Footwear that is open, including sandals and crocks are not acceptable.
Cadets are not to wear issued boots during dryland and sail training.
c. Cadets are to be prepared for possible cool and wet weather and are to bring
appropriate civilian water‐proof rain jacket/wind‐breaker and sweater/hoodie to
wear overtop their uniform as required.
3. Cadets must bring their provincial Health Card.
4. Cadets must bring additional appropriate civilian clothing and kit, which may be stowed
in a small backpack, as per the following kit list:
 Small backpack
 Corps ball cap
 Health card ‐ Mandatory
 Civilian water‐proof rain jacket and/or wind‐breaker
 Sweater, hoodie and/or fleece
 Sunscreen
 Refillable water bottle – Name to be on your water bottle
 Wristwatch
 Female hygiene products
 Prescription medication – As may be required
 Cadets are responsible for their own medication and to take medication as
prescribed unless otherwise requested.
 Personal Cell Phone ‐ For communication purposes only
 Cadets may bring a personal cell phone for communication purposes.
 Cell phones are expected to be used only to coordinate parental pickup
and are to be stowed in the cadet’s backpack during dryland and sail
 Cell phones are not to be used for training.
5. Cadets are not to bring the following items:
× Knives, cutting tools
× Lighters, matches
× Radios
× Food – Cadets shall ensure they have eaten breakfast prior to arriving at Armoury
× Personal electronics, laptops, tablets – Not to be used for training