SIDC 13-14 May 2023

Sat 13 May at 0630 – Cadets parental drop-off at armoury

Sun 14 May at 1600 – Cadet parental pick-up (tentative time) monitor the website for updates

To Board The Bus – All cadets must have:

Consent Form (see Joining Instructions)
Health Card (either original or photo on their phone)
Kit (proper kit as per kit list – see Joining Instructions)

Consent Forms – The following cadets must submit their required Consent Form prior to boarding the bus:

Colville, Nolan

Ducharme, Kazumi

Gatto, Holly

Kishore, Sarvesh

Madu, Jaiden

Murray, Dreianno

Nutakki, Samanvita

Nwador, Jay

Nwador, Menichukwuyi

Puene, Johny

Smykal, Jessica

Ward, Eden