JUNE Information

  1. We will have 6 senior cadets sitting CPO2 Boards June 5th Good Luck! PO1 Peixoto, PO1 LeBlonc, PO1 Repac, PO1 Vellandhurai, PO1 Martins & PO1 Fortin
  2. June 5th training night will be at Chinguacousy Park – Please wear older clothes and bring a change of clothes, you may get wet and or dirty
  3. The following cadets have received CAP offers. If you have not received your paper work please speak to the staff on June 5th.
    • Bello V
    • Brown
    • Cheema
    • Gouder
    • Haidary
    • Johnson
    • Njeba S
    • Nutakki S
    • Sharma A
    • Anastacio
    • Gatto
    • Glino An
    • Magno
    • Tangirala
    • Rivera
    • Sabhaya