June 12 Cadet Evening UPDATE

Due to the high likely hood of rain we WILL NOT be doing a park clean up on June 12. This will now be shifted to the fall.  Instead we will be doing a end of year Admin, Stores and Training night.

  1. Admin – For those that require community service information please be prepared with whatever documentation you need signed and bring it with you. We will be prepared to look after this for you on June 12.
  2. Stores – For those of you that have any items loaned to you from the unit please bring them with you. We will be doing a complete inventory over the summer months and need all equipment back. This includes webbing, gators, instruments, Biathlon equipment, uniforms for those aging out or planning on not returning and anything.
  3. Training – For those who have CTC and CAP we will be doing a presentation on what to expect, what to bring and communication/information distribution. This will be at 8:30pm, please ensure at least one of your parents are in attendance.