CAP 2 Cadets

CAP 2 Cadets (Anastacio, Gatto, Rivera, Sabhaya, Glino, Tangirala, Ganesh)

  • Report to the Brampton Fairgrounds Wed August 2, 2023 between 0730 and 0830 for CAP2.
  • Wear your STU’s (Blue Shirt, Black Pants, Ball Cap)
  • Bring Health Card, Offer of participation, Water bottle
  • Note you will be at the fair grounds daily Aug 2-Aug 5 and then leave Aug 5 to go to Borden for 2 nights and returning Aug 7th with the last day of CAP Aug 8th at the fairgrounds
  • Below You will find the Joining Instructions & Code of Conduct. Please print and complete 1) the Code of Conduct Form & 2) the medical form.

If you can no longer go please email immediately to [email protected]

CAP Cadet-Code-of-Conduct

CAP Joining Instructions – Cadets