Cadet Activities – Mon 17 Jun 2024

1) Info Session – CTC Summer Training 2024

Location:  Armoury

Time:  7-8 pm (1900-2000 hrs)

Purpose:  Parents/Guardians and Cadets selected to Summer 2024 training at a CTC (Cadet Training Centre) to meet with staff to discuss and learn about important information and requirements.

Attendees:  Cadets who have been selected for Summer Training 2024 at a CTC and their Parents/Guardians.


  •  Staff – 3B
  • Parents/Cadets:  Civilian Clothing


2) Stores – Uniform Parts Exchange / Return

Location:  Armoury

Time:  7-9 pm (1900-2100 hrs)


  • For Cadets selected to summer CTC to request/exchange uniform parts.
  • For any Cadet who needs to return their uniform.


3) Legion Medal Board – Volunteers / Support Cadets

Location: Legion Branch 15, 80 Mary St

Time: 7-9pm (1900-2100 hrs)

Purpose:  For cadets who would like to help with completing the Legion Medal Board from the earlier cadet training year.

Dress:  All – Civilian Clothing