Biathlon and Marksmanship update: Wednesday Marksmanship cancelled until 1 November

Good day ILLUSTRIOUS, Biathlon and marksmanship (range): Our Wednesday training night has changed in how it will be conducted. 557 Army will be training biathlon with us. This means until stage 3 biathlon competition has completed in November, there will be NO marksmanship training conducted on Wednesday nights. In addition, only members of the biathlon competitive team will be participating Wednesday nights until after the stage 3 biathlon competition is over. To all the members of biathlon training, you are our team. Although you may not all be selected to compete and are asked to not participate further on Wednesdays, we will continue training and developing you after the competitions. There are specific rules to be adhered to. Only eight cadets can be selected, one team in each category. To each of you coming out for practice, you should be applauded for your will and determination to learn and improve. You should all be proud of yourselves as I am of you.
The biathlon competitive teams:
Open Male: CPO2 LeBlonc, PO2 Lush
Open Female: PO1 Sabhaya, PO2 Zouah
Junior Male: LC Fraser, LC Haidary
Junior Female: AC Gouder, MC Sabhaya
Stand-by: PO1 Anderson, OC Menon.
Only these 10 cadets (8 competition members + 2 stand-by) are to attend Wednesday night training starting this Wednesday (tomorrow). I also need support cadets. CPO2 Vellandhurai and CPO2 Repac are asked to attend. I need two other cadets to run rifles and reload 5 shot clips. Please respond to me if you are interested. I also need to know if anyone is interested in helping to run (support) the competitions. Mark on your calendar, Stage 2 competition Oct 29th, Stage 3 Nov 24th. Both are conducted at CFB Borden. Congratulations and thank you to all involved.
Lt(N) Pettibone