Saturday Dec 9th Activities & Community Service Day

Saturday Activities

  • Range practice 0900 to 1200 at the Armories
  • Cadets that have been selected for “Cram a Cruiser” in front of Freshco at 8405 Financial Dr, Saturday from 1300 to 1630 are: 1) CPO2 Repac 2) PO1 Nolan 3) PO2 Lush 4) MC Rivera & 5) MC Rochon. You will need to wear your C1 Uniform and Parka.
  • Remainder of cadets are to meet at the Brampton Armories for Community Service activities 1230- 1600ish. You will be split into project groups with 2 projects groups going over to the Legion to complete Legion Medal Boards and Badge Boards and the remainder staying at the Armories to work on Tie Blankets that we will be donating, Ceremonial Paddles, Cards for the Troops & possibly learning to sew.

For the activities we need the following items: a) hot glue gun & glue b) straight pins c) Scissors that can cut fabric d) needle and thread e) Christmas cards f) two pieces of coordinating polar fleece fabric approximately 1.25 to 1.5m length. If you can provide any of these please bring them with you.

  • From 1600ish to 1800 cadets will need go home to change into Mess Dress (Black Uniforms with Bow tie) and arrive at Legion Branch 15 no later than 1800 for the mess dinner. As of today we will be having a visit from Councilor Santos between 1800 and 1820 so please be on time.

The following cadets signed up for the mess dinner (V=Vegetarian). Please if you are not able to come send an email to [email protected] to let us know as we can open the spot to a new cadet. Click Mess Dinner Handout for more information on the mess dinner. ***If you are looking at this via a phone you must rotate your phone to see attendees 49-64***

CADETS – we have 2 open spots currently if your not on the list and want to come please e-mail [email protected]

1)       Ms. Anastacio L

2)       Ms. Anastacio T

3)       Ms. Anastacio V

4)       Mr. Anderson E

5)       Mr. Anderson G

6)       Mr. Bawtinheimer D

7)       Mr. Bell N

8)       Ms. Bello V

9)       Ms. Brown C

10)    Ms. Cheema K

11)    Ms. Chowdhury M (V)

12)    Mr. Colville N

13)    Ms. Desai I (V)

14)    Ms. Doshi P

15)    Mr. Edwards R

16)    Ms. Fortin C

17)     Mr. Fraser J

18)     Ms. Gatto H (V

19)    Mr. Glino Al

20)    Mr. Glino An

21)    Ms. Gouder A

22)    Ms. Grandage T

23)    Mr. Gupta T

24)    Mr. Haidary A

25)    Mr. Hebert E

26)    Mr. Johnson D

27)    Mr. Kishore S

28)    Mr. LeBlonc C

29)    Mr. Lush W

30)    Mr. Madarapu S (V)

31)    Ms. Magno A

32)    Ms. Martins C

33)    Ms. Menon B

34)     Mr. Mishra Sh

35)     Mr. Mishra Si

36)     Mr. Mould B

37)     Mr. Mould Ta

38)     Mr. Mould To

39)     Mr. Nickelchock J

40)     Mr. Njeba S

41)     Ms. Nolan B

42)     Mr. Peixoto N

43)     Mr. Peixoto N

44)     Mr. Pettibone M

45)     Mr. Phung S

46)     Mr. Post H

47)     Mr. Ramjit J

48)     Mr. Repac N

49)     Ms. Rivera P

50)     Mr. Rochon S

51)     Ms. Sabhaya R

52)  Ms. Sabhaya U

53)  Mr. Sandhu K

54)  Mr. Sayah C

55)  Mr. Senthilnathan N (V)

56)  Ms. Soares

57)  Mr. Sunesh A

58)  Ms. Tangirala A (V)

59)  Mr. Vellandhurai A

60)  Mr. Verschuren

61)  Mr. Villasis G

62)  Ms. Waite I

63)  Ms. Ward E

64)  Ms. Zouah S