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Training Year 2024-2025 – Enrolment and Annual Renewal

New Enrolment

New enrolment in the Sea Cadet Program with 139 Sea, RCSCC ILLUSTRIOUS will start early September 2024.

Please complete online registration at the following Government of Canada website:

Join the Cadet Program

  2. Email Address:  enter your personal email address
  3. Click “Start new application”

Annual Renewal

Annual renewal is required for all cadets returning for TY 2024-25.


Administration Night will be conducted to support and assist with new cadet enrolment and returning cadet annual renewal process.

Please refer to our website for updates.

Sail Opportunity!! June 22-23



CRESCENT in Bolton has reached out to us offering 12 spots on their sail weekend. Anybody interested in going sailing this weekend will have to be by parental drop off / pickup in Bolton each day. If you are interested in sailing or providing support, please reach out to me by private Teams message. I will provide details for you then. Please reference previous posts about sailing activities.

Cadet Activities – Mon 17 Jun 2024

1) Info Session – CTC Summer Training 2024

Location:  Armoury

Time:  7-8 pm (1900-2000 hrs)

Purpose:  Parents/Guardians and Cadets selected to Summer 2024 training at a CTC (Cadet Training Centre) to meet with staff to discuss and learn about important information and requirements.

Attendees:  Cadets who have been selected for Summer Training 2024 at a CTC and their Parents/Guardians.


  •  Staff – 3B
  • Parents/Cadets:  Civilian Clothing


2) Stores – Uniform Parts Exchange / Return

Location:  Armoury

Time:  7-9 pm (1900-2100 hrs)


  • For Cadets selected to summer CTC to request/exchange uniform parts.
  • For any Cadet who needs to return their uniform.


3) Legion Medal Board – Volunteers / Support Cadets

Location: Legion Branch 15, 80 Mary St

Time: 7-9pm (1900-2100 hrs)

Purpose:  For cadets who would like to help with completing the Legion Medal Board from the earlier cadet training year.

Dress:  All – Civilian Clothing


Barrie Airshow, June 15 2024

Barrie airshow will be on 15 June 2024.

Bus meeting place:

1975 Williams Parkway Brampton On. L6S 6E5

Original Health cards & Parental Consent Form must be presented prior to getting on bus. Click ” Parental Consent Barrie Air Show ” to print the form

Dress: STU (sea training uniform)
To Bring: Water bottle,sun screen, sunglasses and dress for the weather.

Drop off time: 07:15
Departure time 07:45
Return time approximatly: 17:45 (5:45 pm)

Air show drop off address:
37 Parkside. Dr. Barrie On.

Viewing area will be at Heritage Park Barrie On.

139 Sea BBQ – Mon June 10th at 6:30-8:30 pm (Legion Branch 15)

We look forward to seeing cadets, parents/guardians and siblings and special guests at tonight’s 139 Sea / RCSCC ILLUSTRIOUS Annual BBQ (Barbeque) hosted by Navy League, Brampton Branch.

  • Legion Branch 15, 80 Mary St, Brampton (just South-East of the Armoury) – Do not go to the Armoury
  • 6:30-8:30 pm (1830-2030 hrs)

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 15 – Google Maps


  • BBQ (Burgers/hotdogs, Veggie burger/hotdogs)
  • Cadet Game
  • Promotions, Awards, Certificates
  • Announcements

Nautical Site Training 8-9 June 24

Good day Illustrious,


Here is the final list of authorized cadets to attend training. If you are not on the list, you will not be allowed on the bus. Reference the previous messages and emails regarding sail training.


Lt(N) Pettibone